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The types of glass used in Glassinc’s products depend on the application and client’s budget and range from tinted, miror, laminated, toughened, toughened laminated and curved.

Traditionally glass has a slight green tint to it which can cause color distortions. Clients have the option of specifying premium opti-white glass, which is manufactured with a low iron content, is colourless and very transparent.

Safety note

Glass in its natural state is a brittle material prone to breaking and splintering under impact. This is not tolerable in products used in and around homes and public buildings, which is why all the glass used by Glassinc conforms to the SAGGA requirements for a particular application.

Colouring glass

Many of Glassinc’s products, including wall cladding and splashbacks, or other surfaces, are coloured to the client’s specification during the production process. The product selected by Glassinc for this purpose is the industry-leading GlassKote process which is available in a variety of finishes and can match any paint colour code required.

GlassKote has been on the market for more than a quarter of a century and has proven itself as a durable and cost-effective colouring for just about any glass surface. It has been used over the years in kitchens, on worktops, in bathrooms, and in many other residential, commercial and public buildings.

Glassinc is proud to be a GlassKote-approved dealer and applicator and has every confidence in the product. The product carries a 10-year manufacturer-backed guarantee against fading, peeling, cracking, or bubbling.

Protecting sand-blasted glass

Sandblasting is used in the production of many Glassinc products to create designs on the surface of the product for decorative purposes or to enhance the client’s privacy, by making the surface more or less translucent. The rough surface of sand-blasted glass is very susceptible to contamination by oils and dirt and tends to show fingerprint marks very easily.

For this reason, these surfaces are routinely treated with Sandblast Protect by Glassinc. Once treated with the product, the surface is highly resistant to contamination and the product also has the effect of making the surface much easier and less time-consuming to keep clean.

NOTE: Clients have the option to have shower glass treated with a similar product which resists lime scale build up.

UV Bonding

UV Bonding is a process whereby, typically two pieces of glass are fused together using a UV curing adhesive, which is cured using a UV light.

The advantage of using this technique is that the fused joints are stronger than glass itself and the end result is finished with a clean and professional look.


A variety of hardware and fittings are used depending on the application, generally 316 full stainless steel or brass manufactured fittings which are chrome plated. All hardware carries a five-year guarantee.